Jun 10, 2024



Achieve Targeted Awareness Across Media Platforms with Healthgrades Brand Solutions

Healthgrades Brand Solutions reaches the right audience wherever they are without sacrificing scale or efficiency.

When you look at your health system or practice as a whole, do you see a brand that stands out and is easily recognizable? Building strong brand awareness is crucial for attracting and retaining patients. By enhancing brand awareness for your healthcare organization, you support an upper-funnel strategy that complements your patient acquisition and retention efforts. After all, consumers can’t choose you if they’re unaware of what your health system can offer.

Ensure your brand stays top of mind for consumers by promoting your products and services, utilizing digital engagement tactics, building visibility in your community, and emphasizing your commitment to quality care. This way, your brand will be their go-to choice when patients need medical care, whether it’s now or in the future.

Building on these efforts, it’s important to understand that while branding is generally less focused on direct, measurable patient volume, strengthening this strategy helps increase consumer trust and loyalty, providing a foundation for long-term growth and success. But with shrinking budgets and expanding consumer expectations, how can your health system create strong visibility across platforms in a highly competitive and evolving landscape? Keep reading to learn how to maximize your brand investment and find qualified patients ready to seek care.

Try Targeted Awareness for Better Patient Traction

Branding and awareness strategies can be expensive if you’re not investing with intention. Getting all internal stakeholders on board can also be difficult if they see dollars being spent on tactics that aren’t easily linked to new revenue. However, you don’t need to outspend your competition—you just need to outsmart them. Instead of spending money to reach all consumers, invest in only those who meet your service line and profitability goals through targeted awareness campaigns. This approach uses data-driven insights to identify and engage the consumers most likely to need your healthcare services in the near future. With this level of precision, every dollar spent is more likely to generate a higher return on investment by reaching qualified audiences.

For example, patterns in patient data can help health systems marketers hone in on crafting personalized messages that resonate more deeply with their intended audience and build stronger connections with potential patients. Targeted awareness also provides measurable outcomes that can keep stakeholders informed about a campaign’s success. But for health systems navigating capacity issues, how can marketers ensure their branding efforts don’t exacerbate resource constraints with higher patient volumes?

Steer Patients to the Right Services

Many hospitals and practices have doctors whose schedules are already full, making it difficult for them to handle more appointments or benefit from patient acquisition strategies. With the average wait time for a primary care doctor in the U.S. being three weeks, an influx of new patients may worsen this timeframe even more. At the same time, health systems can’t go completely dark if they want their brand to remain top of mind. 

To address these challenges, promote targeted messaging that steers individuals toward the service lines you are prioritizing or those with better access. By doing so, you can manage patient flow more effectively, ensuring they are directed to the services they need while balancing demand across your system. This approach not only accommodates consumer needs but also minimizes operational bottlenecks, leading to a more efficient and patient-centered healthcare experience.

The easiest way to accomplish this? Let Healthgrades take the lead.

Strengthen the Impact of Your Media Spending with Healthgrades Brand Solutions

As your strategic marketing partner, we utilize our proprietary Healthgrades Audience Intelligence to pinpoint the industry’s most engaged and action-oriented individuals. Once we identify this highly targeted group, we deliver your health system’s brand messaging across web, CTV, and audio platforms. This approach increases your brand’s visibility and keeps it top of mind when consumers seek care.

Our Brand Solutions consist of three tactics to maximize your reach:

  • PatientConnect: Drive brand awareness with an engaged, contextually relevant audience at the time of most impact with hyper-targeted display advertising on healthgrades.com. With two-thirds of Healthgrades visitors making an appointment within a week of viewing a doctor’s profile on our site, your brand will reach the largest pool of interested patients ready to take action.
  • PatienTarget Connected TV: Maximize your impact by targeting the right consumers wherever they watch TV without sacrificing scale or efficiency. Stay at the forefront by reaching engaged “cord cutters” with non-skippable brand messaging.
  • PatienTarget: Extend your reach and eliminate wasteful impressions with strategically targeted omnichannel advertising across web, video, and audio platforms to meet today’s multimedia users.

How This Works

  1. Healthgrades Audience Intelligence combines billions of consumer behavioral site interactions and HIPAA-compliant, de-identified claims data with exclusive machine-learning modeling techniques to find the consumers most likely to make an appointment soon.
  2. Through a consultative approach, Healthgrades works directly with your team to develop a tailored plan aligned with your media and branding goals. This collaborative process ensures our solutions are customized to meet your unique objectives.
  3. Maximize your brand’s reach to this targeted audience on Healthgrades and extend it to wherever they are across CTV, web, video, or audio.

Solutions That Bring Proven Success

As the leader in doctor-patient connections for more than 20 years, Healthgrades understands healthcare shoppers and has a proven ability to identify and reach a targeted healthcare audience across digital platforms. With over 60 successful campaigns for pharma advertisers, PatienTarget has shown its effectiveness in delivering results. Building on this success, we are now bringing the power of this solution to health system advertisers. 

On Healthgrades, Brand Solutions’ contextually targeted advertising reaches a more highly qualified audience than programmatic or social media advertising. Off Healthgrades, Brand Solutions efficiently reach curated audience segments wherever they are across the digital ecosystem. As a result, we consistently outperform other targeting techniques when measured by cost per qualified reach. Brand Solutions helps you reach the right audience without cookies so that you can continue engaging with your audience even as the digital landscape evolves.

Team Up with Healthgrades to Boost Your Brand

Implement strategic branding initiatives that create a lasting impact on your healthcare system. As the premier doctor discovery platform, our goal at Healthgrades is to ensure your brand reaches the right audience at the right place at the right time. Couple our best-in-class proprietary data with our Advertising Solutions, which give your hospital or practice featured brand placement throughout our site to increase promotional opportunities, grow conversions, and keep your brand top-of-mind with existing and potential consumers. Chat with us today to start activating the full power of your brand.