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Women’s Health 2023: Key Trends in How Women Find and Access Care

After years of pandemic-related caution, patients are finally catching up on delayed appointments and regular check-ups. Yet one particular group is still neglecting potentially life-saving preventative care—women.

In July 2022, Healthgrades asked 1,217 patients about their medical experiences over the last 12 months to learn more about women’s perspectives on healthcare. Respondents to our Women’s Health Research study included men, women, and transgender people across ethnicities, races, regions, age groups, and income levels. Our study revealed that many women continue to focus on being household healthcare advocates for their loved ones—but not for themselves.

The problem isn’t that women aren’t aware of the exams and health screenings recommended for their respective gender and age group—rather, obstacles to care continue to deter them from visiting a doctor and seeking the treatment they need. What can health system and pharma marketers do to help women overcome healthcare roadblocks and encourage them to better prioritize their well-being?

Download our special report for extensive insight into how patients perceive and search for preventative care, including tips on how hospital and pharma marketers can help women make better-informed healthcare decisions with confidence.

1 Healthgrades Women’s Health Research, July 2022.
2 Note: Inclusive gender identity options were given, but less than 1% of respondents identified as other than “male” or “female”. Surveys were conducted on Suzy and weighted to be nationally representative based on age, gender, ethnicity, and region.
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