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DEI in Health Systems: Fostering an Inclusive Environment for a Healthier Future

What factors influence patient outcomes? Hospital quality and physician experience are critical, but research also shows that a person’s unique circumstances can significantly impact their experience in the healthcare system. According to the CDC, social determinants of health—a person’s location, education, economic stability, and even occupation—contribute to 60% of health outcomes. Healthgrades surveyed over 600 healthcare consumers to understand how BIPOC patients experience care, and results show that Black and non-Black people of color have very different healthcare experiences than their white counterparts.1

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are extremely important to today’s healthcare consumers, and hospital marketers have taken notice. A recent Healthgrades Healthcare Marketers Survey found that 70% of marketers identified DEI as a key investment area in their marketing strategy for 20222. But how can hospital marketers be sure they’re hitting the mark and developing programming that effectively helps historically underserved populations get the care they need? 

Download our special report for insights into how BIPOC patients feel about their care experiences and what hospitals can do to promote DEI in healthcare.

1 Infosurv and Healthgrades BIPOC Healthcare Attitudes Study, n=604, July 2022
2 Healthgrades Healthcare Marketers Survey, n=111, April 8, 2022 - May 19, 2022
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