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Automate patient communications and complex workflows

Deliver seamless patient communications while streamlining workflow processes with Medchat·ai—a fully customizable and scalable AI-powered solution. With Medchat·ai’s HIPAA-compliant platform, practices can resolve operational bottlenecks, boost productivity, and adapt to evolving organizational needs.

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Increase conversions

Marketing your medical practice to engage low funnel consumers is critical for dermatologists, dentists, mental health professionals, and other physicians building their large group practices. Advertising on Healthgrades drives more qualified visits than any other third-party site. Premium placement ensures that more consumers see your healthcare professionals first. Our competitive intercept feature redirects appointment opportunities from your competition by showing alternative options from your practice on competing provider profiles.

Dentist at a large group practice with her patient
Female doctor with an older female patient she reached through medical practice marketing

Expand your practice’s reach

Today’s patients aren’t afraid to weigh their many options, which only makes it more difficult for any medical practice to break through the noise. With Healthgrades, you can increase your doctor’s presence and differentiation via competitive intercepts and cross-promotion of your practice on our site. This prominent placement outshines your competition so healthcare shoppers turn into your patients.

Maximize your media budget

Maximizing marketing efficiency is key to growing your practice. Healthgrades complements your ongoing marketing tactics–like Facebook and Google ads, SEO, and SEM strategies–so you can tap into a high-value patient pool at a fraction of the cost. Healthgrades’ audience of low-funnel consumers are ready to convert, so your cost per conversion is half what you spend on other pay-per-click programs.

Cost per conversion for new patients on Healthgrades is lower than Facebook or SEM
Older patient views medical practice marketing on his tablet

Promote in-demand services

Telehealth presents a huge opportunity to large group practices offering elective services. 92% of consumers agree that telehealth can replace some or all of their in-person appointments, and 36% are more likely to call a physician offering telehealth. If your practice offers virtual healthcare options, promote these services on to play up your most in-demand services and draw in more patients.

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