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Advertise on Healthgrades to capture consumers when they’re actively searching for care.

Convert high-value patients

By partnering with Healthgrades, your brand can engage the largest audience of commercially-insured consumers searching for care. 67% of consumers who visit Healthgrades provider pages make an appointment within a week. As our partner, you can tap into a high-value patient pool you’ll only find here, and drive appointments for your most profitable service lines with guaranteed conversions.

Promote your health system on Healthgrades

Extend your audience reach

Healthgrades is America’s #1 website for connecting with a doctor, and advertising on our site drives more qualified visits than any other third-party site. Premium placement—with prominent branding and calls to action on physician search results pages and provider profiles—ensures that more consumers see your health system first. Our competitive intercept feature redirects appointment opportunities from your competition by showing alternative options from your health system on competing provider profiles.

Optimize media spend

We complement your SEO and SEM strategies to maximize your relevance in search results and provide qualified leads. Healthgrades’ audience of low-funnel consumers are ready to convert, so your cost per conversion is half what you would spend on other PPC programs. Syndication to other top health properties extends your reach even further. This unmatched visibility connects more high-value patients to your most profitable service lines.

Cost per conversion for new patients on Healthgrades is lower than Facebook or SEM
Promote your telehealth services on Healthgrades

Adapt to consumer trends

For today’s health systems, providing 24/7 online access is the difference between a newly acquired patient and lost revenue. 92% of consumers agree that telehealth can replace some or all of their in-person appointments, and 62% of patients prefer online booking. Integrate online appointment scheduling for in-person and telehealth services directly into your profiles to convert patients who are ready to appoint.

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