Medchat·ai for Health Systems & Practices

AI-powered automation of patient communications and complex workflows

With Medchat·ai's customizable, HIPAA-compliant platform, health systems can:

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Ensure seamless patient connections

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Boost operational efficiency and productivity

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Adapt to evolving organizational needs

Intelligent Automation and Workflow Optimization

Automate any manual operational tasks and clinical communication workflows across all facets of the care continuum, freeing your staff to focus on high-value activities.

Resolve operational bottlenecks across your organization while avoiding high development costs with open architecture technology using APIs that easily integrate with existing systems without disruption.

Handle complex conversations with cutting-edge Generative AI using Large Language Models (LLM).

Measure operational improvements and ROI with custom dashboards for immediate visibility into critical metrics.

Enhance the healthcare experience with tailored solutions, addressing patient access, wait times, claims processes, staff burnout, and more.


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Implement Medchat·ai for Health Systems & Practices to increase operational efficiency and patient engagement.

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“Medchat·ai is a wonderfully agile and easy-to-use tool that allows us to quickly and nimbly implement innovative processes and experiences to keep up with the ever-changing demands of healthcare operations.”

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Brock Bassetti

Senior Director of Consumer Experience Technology

“Medchat·ai has exponentially changed the way Tryon Medcial Partners communicates with our patients. By streamlining communication, Medchat has optimized our workflows, drastically cut down our hold times, and bolstered our commitment to delivering patient-centered care.”

Tryon Medical

Crystal Hill

Patient Connect Manager

“Installing Medchat·ai as an automation component to our site created a real-time delivery process for consumer online appointment requests, increased operational efficiency for our clients, and has provided a better consumer experience on”


Gary Rosenbalm

Senior Director, Product Management

Elevate patient connections for better healthcare experiences.

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