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Attracting quality-conscious patients to your hospital starts with showcasing your superior efforts and maintaining high standards. Get started with the Healthgrades Hospital Quality Team.

Celebrating exceptional quality of care

Instill patient trust

Hospitals that provide communities with nationally recognized care have a strategic advantage that resonates with quality-conscious patients. By promoting your hospital’s Healthgrades quality awards, you differentiate your brand and guide your community to their best health.

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Reaffirm your commitment to quality

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Measure clinical performance

Even if your hospital excels in certain areas, you can always improve. The Healthgrades Quality team can explain the “why” behind your hospital’s performance and establish a clear baseline from which to grow. We’ll analyze your performance against top-performing hospitals, local and national competitors, and national and state benchmarks while identifying trends and outliers in the data to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Improve clinical outcomes

Healthgrades clinical consultants offer real-time, data-driven analysis of clinical outcomes. Our analysis—consisting of hospital performance for the entire patient population—provides targeted insights at a service line, practice, physician, and patient-level using risk-adjusted outcomes. We also provide feedback on how to implement our findings and track the results of your hospital’s improvement initiatives over time.

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