Special Reports

Special Report: Three Years Later, COVID-19 Continues to Impact Patient Behavior

It has been three years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and a lot has changed. There’s a shared feeling that the world is largely back to “normal,” but what does that really mean?

To gain insight into how the pandemic has impacted patient behavior over the past three years, Healthgrades launched an updated COVID-19 Patient Confidence Survey on October 7, 2022. As a follow-up to our previous study that ran from March 2020 to May 2022, this latest iteration includes a random sampling of 991 Americans across multiple geographies, genders, and age ranges. Overall, responses show that many consumers are more concerned about their health and wellness than before, and patient comfort in returning to doctors’ offices is at an all-time high since the pandemic began. Even so, some are still having trouble keeping up with regular screenings and annual exams.

In light of these shifting habits, what can health system marketers do to better engage with patients in this “new normal” phase of the pandemic?

Download our special report to discover how patient attitudes have been influenced by the “new normal” and how healthcare marketers can connect with these high-value patients through impactful outreach.