Sep 29, 2022


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How Better Patient-Doctor Connections Lead to Life-Changing Care

Everyone wants a doctor who understands them and their condition, but finding one can be challenging. On, we make it easy for consumers to find life-changing care.

For many people, going to the doctor is just another item on an ever-growing to-do list. But for patients living with chronic conditions like migraines or endometriosis, finding care can be an isolating and frustrating experience. From frequent misdiagnoses to being told the pain is “all in their head,” finding a compassionate and qualified doctor can mean the difference between facing years of ongoing health struggles and relief from symptoms. Strong patient-doctor relationships make better patient outcomes possible, and that’s at the heart of what we do at Healthgrades.  

Paving the Way to a Better Quality of Life

At Healthgrades, confidence is our North Star. We want every healthcare consumer to have the information they need to feel confident in their choice of doctor, hospital, or treatment. Consumers can find medically reviewed content about their specific condition in our PatientConnect Hubs to help them better understand their symptoms and treatment options. With 72% of people consulting online reviews before choosing a doctor, Healthgrades gives the largest online audience of healthcare consumers a solid foundation to start their search.

We want to guide consumers through their entire journey to care, including helping them find and make an appointment with a doctor. Visitors to can search by what matters most to them–specialty services, insurance coverage, telehealth, affiliated facility, and more. When a consumer is ready to visit a healthcare professional, our comprehensive physician profiles tell them everything they need to know to appoint with confidence.

The Healthgrades team has over 20 years of experience working with doctors and hospitals, and we know just how important quality is to consumers. Finding a qualified doctor at a top-of-the-line facility can have a lifelong impact on a patient, and our commitment to information transparency makes it easy to find the right fit. Frequency of treatment information, over 10 million verified patient reviews, and physician profiles that include relevant experience and care philosophies help consumers compile a clear picture of their potential doctor, even before they set foot in an office.  

The more information patients have at their disposal, the easier it is for them to make decisions about their health. And for patients with chronic conditions, finding the right doctor makes all the difference. Take a look:

Healthgrades empowers consumers to find the doctor or team of doctors who will help them reach breakthroughs they never thought possible. 

How Healthgrades Helps Patients Find Life-Changing Care 

Our purpose is to help people confidently make healthcare decisions, but that isn’t limited to just consumers. Confidence for health advertisers starts with knowing that your message will reach qualified patients right before they see a doctor and begin treatment.


Help More Consumers Connect with Their Care Team

Healthgrades allows you to tap into the largest audience of commercially-insured consumers searching for care online. Premium placement with prominent branding and calls to action on physician search results pages and profiles ensure more prospects see your health system first. Our competitive intercept feature also redirects opportunities away from your competition by showing alternative options from your health system on competing provider profiles. Our advertising solutions put your brand and physicians in front of the right patients at the right time–just before they’re ready to appoint. We also guarantee conversions, helping you minimize investment risk and make the most of your marketing budget.

Build Trust and Attract Quality-Conscious Patients   

Finding high-quality care is critical for all patients, and the Healthgrades Hospital Quality Team can help you distinguish your health system from competitors and build trust. With Healthgrades licensed quality awards on your hospital’s page, potential patients can feel confident they’re choosing the best care.  


Guide Low-Funnel Patients to New Treatment Options (and Better Care)

Healthgrades also allows pharmaceutical advertisers to connect with low-funnel consumers when they’re deeply engaged in treatment-oriented content. Guided Physician Search, fully integrated into our content and your as part of your program, helps consumers find specialists when your brand is top of mind and allows them to make appointments right then and there. 

Contact our team to learn more about how Healthgrades can help your team make life-changing patient-physician connections.