Jan 28, 2020



Healthgrades & MGMA Releases New Analysis of 8.4 Million Patient Reviews and Reveals New Findings on How Patients Experience Healthcare

By Healthgrades Staff

Healthgrades and the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) today released the 2020 Patient Sentiment Report, a detailed analysis of 8.4 million provider reviews from Healthgrades.com. This report offers providers and health systems new insight into how patients experience healthcare and the factors that most strongly influence consumers’ perceptions of care quality. 

Consumers are expecting more out of their healthcare experience and are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of care they receive, both inside the doctor’s office and well after their visit. This report showcases the top themes that matter most to patients and demonstrates how online reviews influence a consumer’s decision to visit a provider or hospital. 

You can read the full report here.

Through our detailed analysis of 8.4 million written reviews, the report found that:

  • Patients most often mention a doctor’s skill or care quality when writing reviews.
  • In negative reviews, patients mention the factors of wait time, visit time, and office staff up to three times more often than they do in positive reviews.
  • Male providers receive higher average star ratings than female providers.
  • Reviewers more often mention factors like bedside manner, communication, and visit time in feedback about female providers, while reviews of male providers more often highlight skill and care quality.

While the individual experience of healthcare will vary across patients, there are consistent factors patients cite most often when evaluating providers.

Read the full analysis here.