Apr 26, 2021



Healthgrades Debuts New Site Features & Homepage Redesign to Help Consumers Make Confident Healthcare Choices

By Healthgrades Staff

Healthgrades recently introduced a redesigned homepage that showcases new site features and the full scope of how Healthgrades helps consumers make confident healthcare choices.

This update now allows consumers to more easily:

  • Search for a provider in new ways, including by name, specialty, and now through “popular searches” or “specific need,” i.e. search for an orthopedic surgeon for knee and leg surgery.
  • Access Healthgrades’ award-winning editorial content
  • Research top-quality hospitals by location right from the home page

It also brings to life the Healthgrades consumer brand through updated design and copy and has a modern, fresh look.

This redesign strongly reflects how consumers’ behavior in finding healthcare has changed over the past year given COVID-19.According to the Healthgrades COVID-19 Patient Confidence Study, a weekly tracker of consumer confidence and behavior towards essential and non-essential activities like visiting a doctor for the past year, consumer confidence is at the highest it’s been since April 2020. As of March 25, 2021, 81% of consumers are comfortable visiting their primary care physician or specialist, as compared to only 41% of consumers comfortable visiting a doctor in April 2020.

With the recent increase in consumer confidence towards healthcare since the start of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to have access to quality doctors and hospitals. The improvements to healthgrades.com bring to life the Healthgrades brand while empowering consumers to make the most informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.