Nov 10, 2023



Reach Targeted Audiences with Healthgrades’ PatienTarget CTV

Traditional television provides broad reach, but connected TV (CTV) focuses on reaching the right audience at the right moment. Learn how Healthgrades’ PatienTarget CTV can help pharma marketers more accurately—and effectively—target a highly-qualified audience.

Television ads have historically dominated the pharma marketing playbook. After all, traditional TV provides a broad reach. However, it also faces challenges in reaching the right audience at the right moment. As Americans aged 50 and older are shifting to streaming platforms, advertisers are following suit and moving into the world of connected TV (CTV). 

CTV lets consumers stream content through various apps on internet-connected devices. This style of entertainment is typically supported by ads served before the content plays or during traditional commercial breaks, and it’s helping advertisers reach 87 million households—capturing consumers who’ve cut the cord. 

In July 2022, Nielsen reported that viewers spent more time streaming content than watching cable television. And with this growing preference for on-demand content and streaming services, CTV advertising has become increasingly valuable for marketers looking to reach consumers in a fragmented media landscape. With CTV, advertisers can streamline their advertising strategies across both linear and streaming platforms, gaining deeper metrics insight and greater control over who sees their ads and how often. The move to CTV advertising is already making a difference—23% of CTV viewers said they’d made a purchase after seeing an ad versus the 12% of linear viewers. Furthermore, 39% of marketers reported seeing an increase in returns on ad spend after switching to CTV. 

Healthgrades enables pharma marketers to reap the benefits of CTV. With our PatienTarget CTV product, pharma marketers can maximize their reach to a highly-qualified audience and connect with condition sufferers ready to make an appointment. 

Powered by best-in-class Healthgrades PatienTarget intelligence, PatienTarget CTV extends your reach by finding qualified patients who have already connected with a specialist on Healthgrades–and then layering in our proprietary predictive modeling to broaden your reach to the people most likely to treat your target condition in the near future. You connect with the right patients wherever they are without sacrificing scale or efficiency. 

Here’s how PatienTarget CTV can help you deliver targeted ads that resonate with qualified viewers no matter what—or where—they’re watching.

Connected TV in Pharma

Because connected TV has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing digital channels for advertising, it comes as no surprise that pharma marketers are strategizing how to reallocate their advertising budgets from traditional, linear television to CTV. CTV makes it easier to reach a highly targeted audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. With those insights, marketers can tailor their campaigns to specific medical conditions, age groups, and other criteria, thus delivering personalized messages to help educate and empower a wider audience about health concerns and treatment options—all from the comfort of their homes.

With Healthgrades’ PatienTarget CTV, your brand can reach target audiences across major television networks and platforms at the critical moment between appointing and the actual appointment. You’ll deploy your ad campaigns across over 100 channels and numerous CTV platforms and device types—such as Roku, Hulu, Apple TV, Fubo TV, and more—with precision and scale. With QR Connect, a unique QR code call-to-action feature integrated into your CTV ads, viewers can take immediate action and access a list of the right specialists in their area with a simple QR scan. 

In a recent Healthgrades blinded case study1 that looked at reaching quality audiences and driving incremental cardiology medical device procedures, we found that PatienTargetTV helped marketers:

  • Reach 4x in percentage of audiences with the condition vs. the competition. 
  • Score 65% higher AQ vs. Crossix lookalike targeting.
  • Drive 162 incremental procedures. 

These results offer a peek into why 24 of the top 25 pharma advertisers use our PatienTarget intelligence as a key part of their marketing strategy.

Extend Your Reach Even Further With Healthgrades  

Traditional television still remains an integral part of pharma’s overall advertising strategy, but marketers looking to maximize the effects of their advertising spend should consider using connected TV platforms to complement and augment their marketing mix. 

That’s where Healthgrades’ PatienTarget CTV comes in. Our proprietary predictive modeling can help you reach qualified patients who have already connected with a specialist on Healthgrades and those most likely to treat your target condition in the near future.

And with Healthgrades, there are even more ways to reach your target audience beyond PatienTarget CTV. Take advantage of our Advertising Solutions for Life Sciences to connect with even more qualified patients right before they talk with a doctor.

Engage with low-funnel consumers through medically-reviewed editorial content in our PatientConnect Hubs—our onsite patient resource center for treatment-oriented content and educational tools—as they peruse highly-targeted condition and treatment-related information. In addition, embedded appointment guides help patients confidently discuss possible treatment options—including your brand—with their doctors.

Integrated into every PatientConnect Hub is our Guided Physician Search (GPS), a doctor directory tool that lets consumers easily make an appointment when your brand is top of mind. This directory can be fully integrated into your to close the loop for customers interested in your brand. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how your brand can expand your reach with Healthgrades, where high-quality healthcare is just a click away.

 1Source: ComScore/Symphony 3P reporting