Aug 07, 2023



2024 Hospital Quality Awards Calendar

The post-pandemic healthcare landscape continues to evolve as hospitals contend with a host of new and old challenges. From cross-market mergers to exponential growth in outpatient volumes, hospitals face enormous pressure to adapt and maintain a competitive edge while ensuring the best possible care for their patients.

Shifting consumer expectations represent an additional obstacle when it comes to providing an optimal care experience: Healthgrades’ research revealed that 57% of patients are now more concerned with the quality of their healthcare than they were before the pandemic.1 With more uncertainty on the horizon, it’s time to appeal to the increasingly quality-conscious consumer and make hospital quality a marketing priority

Leverage your outstanding outcomes to give frontline staff a much-needed morale boost, increase market share, and remind your community that award-winning care is close to home. 

Five opportunities to promote your dedication to quality in 2024*

  • January 23 – America’s Best 50/100/250 Hospitals Awards + Specialty State Rankings
  • February 13 – Outpatient Excellence Awards
  • March 12 – Patient Safety Excellence + Outstanding Patient Experience Awards
  • August – Obstetrics & Gynecology Awards & Ratings  
  • October – Specialty Excellence Awards & Ratings

*Exact dates are subject to change.

From health awareness campaigns to community charity drives, there are plenty of opportunities to promote your quality achievement all year round! Plus, Healthgrades Hospital Quality Achievement licenses are good for at least a year, which means it’s not too late to start promoting your 2023 achievements.

Whether you’re looking to recruit and retain local talent or get an edge on the competition, the Healthgrades Hospital Quality Team is here to help you exceed your organization’s 2024 objectives. Connect with us today to discuss how you can showcase your best-in-class care and be the first to hear if you have any new achievements to license in 2024.

1 Consumer Insights Survey, Infosurv on behalf of Healthgrades, n=991, October 2022.