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Case Study: Healthgrades Leverages Medchat’s AI Technology to Increase Operational Efficiency and User Experience

Healthgrades is dedicated to empowering stronger and more meaningful connections between patients and their healthcare providers. As the #1 platform for finding a doctor and a leader in healthcare transparency, we help millions of consumers each month find and schedule appointments with their healthcare professional of choice. Optimizing the user experience is a never-ending journey and one that drives constant enhancements to

Healthgrades sought to automate the online appointment request and routing process on our advertising partners’ sponsored physician profiles. Ultimately, we selected Medchat, a fully customizable, AI-powered communication and workflow automation solution.

Learn how we overhauled the online appointment request process on to support real-time interaction and routing.

Case Study: Increasing Operational Efficiency Through Technology

The Challenge

  • Healthgrades sought to improve the online appointment request functionality for our health systems advertising partners that utilize the patient acquisition solution.
  • Our purpose was to replace our manual system with a more automatic, real-time solution that created a better user experience for consumers requesting an appointment with a physician.

The Solution

  • Medchat’s automation technology was seamlessly integrated into the “request an appointment” call to action on sponsored physician profiles on
  • Through a fully HIPAA-compliant API connection with client contact centers, Medchat’s technology identifies the user’s physician of choice and routes the request to the appropriate contact center in real time–all while providing the consumer with a conversational chatbot experience.
  • We customized the chatbot on each syndicated site based on the associated health system’s brand to avoid consumer confusion and provide a smooth user experience.

The Results

  • The Medchat integration dramatically reduced the turnaround time from request submission to initial contact with the consumer from 48 hours to just 10 seconds.
  • Medchat’s intelligent automation optimized a previously manual workflow, impacting over 8,000 appointment requests per month received on
  • This streamlined process enables Healthgrades to improve access and connect patients with the appropriate healthcare providers in real time.

Key benefits of Medchat


Seamless Patient Connections


Boosted Operational Efficiency and Productivity


Accurate, HIPAA-Compliant Data Collection

“Installing Medchat as an automation component to our site created a real-time delivery process for consumer online appointment requests, increased operational efficiency for our clients, and has provided a better consumer experience on”

Gary Rosenbalm, Senior Director, Project Management

Medchat for Health Systems & Practices

In today’s healthcare industry, overburdened health systems face the challenge of doing more with fewer resources. Healthgrades and Medchat have partnered to bring our clients Medchat for Health Systems & Practices, an AI-powered healthcare solution that automates complex communications and workflows. With Medchat’s customizable, HIPAA-compliant platform, your organization can ensure seamless patient connections, boost operational efficiency and productivity, and adapt to evolving organizational needs with no downtime or IT resources. 

  1. Seamless Patient Connections: Ensures a smooth and engaging experience for both patients and healthcare professionals, fueling long-term growth.
  2. Boosted Operational Efficiency and Productivity: Address bottlenecks and tackle workforce shortages, automating manual tasks and empowering your team to focus on personalized care.
  3. Adaptable with Zero Downtime: Medchat offers customizable HIPAA-compliant experiences, seamlessly adapting to emerging technologies and evolving needs without requiring downtime or IT resources.

Medchat: Intelligent Automation and Workflow Optimization

  • Automate any manual operational tasks and clinical communication workflows across all facets of the care continuum, freeing your staff to focus on high-value activities.
  • Resolve operational bottlenecks across your organization while avoiding high development costs with open architecture technology using REST APIs that easily integrate with existing systems without disruption.
  • Handle complex conversations with cutting-edge Generative AI using Large Language Models (LLM).
  • Measure operational improvements and ROI with custom dashboards for immediate visibility into critical metrics.
  • Enhance the healthcare experience with tailored solutions, addressing patient access, wait times, claims processes, staff burnout, and more.

Connect with us to learn how Medchat for Health Systems & Practices can promote long-term growth for your health system through one automation platform.

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