Special Reports

2024 Healthcare Marketing Trends Report

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, health systems face numerous challenges, including ongoing staffing shortages, cost pressures, and patient access issues. At the same time, healthcare consumerism and new technologies are changing expectations. Patients are taking charge of their health, searching for information, and looking to connect with the right doctors and specialists. What’s on their wishlist? Fast, convenient, and personalized care that doesn’t break the bank.

As a result, patients increasingly expect health systems to help guide them in their journey to care. To stand out from the competition and position your hospital for success, you’ll need to go above and beyond, remain top of mind, and touch base with your patients during every step of their healthcare journey—from self-diagnosis to treatment.

With the healthcare landscape constantly bringing new challenges and opportunities, health system marketers should remain mindful of the trends driving the industry and shaping patient behavior. After all, embracing these trends is the key to ensuring your hospital thrives in healthcare’s ever-changing landscape. From balancing AI tools and humanizing messaging to investing in service lines and population health management, our special report explores 10 trends that can mean the difference between achieving all your marketing goals and surpassing them to experience true growth and provide better health outcomes for all patients.