Aug 17, 2023



Unveil Your Hospital Marketing Persona with Our Interactive Quiz

What makes a hospital marketer stand out above the rest? It’s the ability to help patients connect with the right doctor for life-changing care. Between analyzing data, crafting captivating and authentic messages that speak to patient experiences, and maximizing the impact of your spend, you’re probably juggling competing priorities. But how can you optimize your strategy for marketing that truly works?

Find out by taking our new interactive quiz: What Kind of Hospital Marketer Are You?

Take The Quiz

Understanding your unique marketing style empowers you to strategize effectively and make informed decisions that amplify the influence of your campaigns—ensuring your message reaches and resonates with prospective patients. By recognizing your strengths and interests, you can tailor your marketing approach to align with your brand’s identity, growth goals, and target audience.

We ask you a series of 10 multiple choice questions to hone in on your marketing attitudes and preferences, posing questions such as:  

  • Do you tend to lean into data and analytics? 
  • Are you fond of patient stories and testimonials? 
  • What are you most likely to highlight when promoting your health system? 

Best of all, the quiz takes less than ten minutes to complete, giving you valuable insights without taking up too much of your time.

So, what kind of health systems marketer are you? Take our quiz today to gain insights into your marketing specialty—and discover how Healthgrades can support your strategy.

Begin Your Journey to Marketing Success

Healthgrades is America’s leading platform for doctor-patient connections, with 67% of consumers making an appointment within a week of visiting Healthgrades’ physician pages. By advertising on, you optimize your patient acquisition efforts by capturing bottom-of-the-funnel consumers where and when they are searching for information related to their care.

Premium placement with prominent branding and calls to action on physician search results pages and profiles ensure more prospects see your health system first. Our competitive intercept feature also redirects opportunities away from your competition by showing alternative options from your health system on competing provider profiles. In addition, we complement your SEO and SEM strategies to maximize your relevance in search results and provide qualified leads. And the best part? Healthgrades guarantees conversions. 

Take our quiz to start embracing your ideal marketing style, and don’t forget to share your results on social media!