Case Study, Video

Using to Acquire New Patients

OVERVIEW connects healthcare systems with commercially insured patients on the #1 website for finding a doctor. It drives conversion through call center and online appointment scheduling.


Brandy Hill, Marketing & PR Director, Riverview Health: I’d spoken with several other marketing directors here at HealthShare over the past two years. They talked with me about the great results they’d gotten from and that’s one of the reasons I looked into it and gave it

Tory Smithe, Director of Digital Marketing, Dignity Health: Ultimately in our campaigns, the goal is to provide a point of entry. Patient Direct Connect® is one of those points of entry that’s really important for us.

Brianne Clark, Senior Marketing Analyst, Augusta Health: We were able to see the new patients that we brought into the program and we were able to track them through the system to see the different encounters they had.

Brandy Hill: We can track how many calls have come through We can track the number of appointment requests that come through, and then we can see how many of those calls have led to appointments.

Brianne Clark: We do see that our consumers are more likely to book appointments. I’m able to track the ROI, the new patients, and downstream revenue. Without Healthgrades we wouldn’t be able to do that.

Robin Oliver, VP of Marketing & Health, Dignity Health:
Healthgrades over a period of time has really proven that they are a trusted partner and one that wants to collaborate and help us meet our goals. It feels like they’ve listened to us.