Case Study

Large Academic Health System achieves 18K patient conversions in 10 months with


Despite amassing a range of digital tools to connect consumers with providers, this health system was faced with recapturing lost key service lines volumes throughout the first half of 2020. Located in a highly competitive healthcare market where patient acquisition costs can soar, they turned to as a highly productive patient acquisition channel.


In just 28 days, the health system launched its digital acquisition program on Their marketing team selected key service lines to highlight on, the #1 site where consumers find, compare and ultimately select a doctor. The team ensured information was up to date, profiles were complete, and the organization was operationally ready to respond appropriately to the consumers who were asking for an appointment.

When consumers were on the web searching for care in this West Coast market, the promotional program prominently displayed this health system’s brand. This ensured consumers were able to quickly identify the sponsoring system’s providers and seek the care they desired. To make conversion easy for consumers, the program offered direct call numbers to practices and direct links to the health system’s online and telehealth scheduling platform. Additionally, consumers viewing competitive physicians also saw a rotating selection from the sponsoring health system suggested as alternatives.


In the first 10 months using as a key component to their digital advertising efforts, the organization saw overwhelming success. The number of calls and online appointment requests coming from the program significantly exceeded the projected totals resulting in high volume and very low cost per conversion.

“The program has provided us quick access to a new audience of consumers who are online looking for a doctor. It has become both a very productive and cost-efficient digital marketing strategy for our organization.”

Executive Director, Marketing
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