Case Study

Healthgrades Gives Health Systems a Competitive Advantage Over Organic Listings

It is important to understand the exponential value Patient Direct Connect® (PDC) brings to clients beyond what they see from organic listings on To provide maximum value to clients, we continually gauge the effectiveness of our PDC program through case studies such as these.

Using a Healthgrades PDC program, a Northeastern hospital client in an urban environment performed an A/B test to determine its effectiveness. They changed the standard physician profiles that appear during search to the PDC-enabled profiles, and then back again. Results were worth noting: the physicians partnered through the PDC program saw an average of 60% more existing patients retained and 150% more new patients acquired.

See the results of the A/B test and learn how the Healthgrades platform can help you drive top-line growth and empower your health system, your physicians, and your patients

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