Apr 27, 2023


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Healthgrades Helps Patients Shop for the Right Care Online

Finding the right doctor matters. At Healthgrades, we’re committed to providing patients with the resources and information they need to make better-informed healthcare decisions that could not only enhance their quality of life but also save lives. Our platform, featuring millions of physician profiles from across the country, provides insight into doctors’ medical backgrounds, areas of expertise, verified patient reviews, and more to best support patients on their journey to better care.

As America’s leading platform for doctor-patient connections, Healthgrades is home to the highest number of qualified consumers who are ready to appoint: over 65% of consumers who visit physician pages make an appointment within a week. Health systems and pharma marketers can partner with Healthgrades to extend their brand’s reach to those who are ready to take actionable steps toward their health.

Solutions for Health Systems Marketers

Help More Consumers Connect with Your Care Team

Healthgrades can help you tap into the largest audience of commercially-insured consumers searching for care online. Our advertising solutions put your brand and physicians in front of patients just before they’re ready to appoint. We offer premium placement with prominent branding and calls to action on physician search results pages and profiles to ensure more consumers see your health system first. And because we guarantee conversions, you’ll know you’re making the most out of your marketing budget with minimal investment risk.

Build Trust and Attract Quality-Conscious Patients   

Patients want to find high-quality care. The Healthgrades Hospital Quality Team can help set your health system apart from competitors while building trust. When potential patients see Healthgrades licensed quality awards on your hospital’s page, they can feel confident they’re choosing the best care.

Solutions for Pharma Advertisers

Maximize the impact of your marketing strategy with Healthgrades’ digital pharma solutions by engaging qualified individuals who are actively seeking treatment. Leverage our best-in-class editorial content to connect with low-funnel consumers when they’re deeply engaged in treatment-oriented content. As a partner, you can also add our Guided Physician Search tool, a fully-integrated doctor finder solution, into your brand.com. Help your most relevant consumers find specialists, make appointments, and prepare for treatment discussions when your brand is top of mind.

Partner with us today to engage with your target audience at Healthgrades, where high-quality healthcare is just a click away.