2021 Americas Best Hospitals Creating a Culture of Excellence

Leaders from Healthgrades America’s Best Hospitals offer advice on how to create a culture of excellence within your health system.


[00:00:05.650] – Speaker 6

Yeah, it’s great to see green on a dashboard, but if it’s all green, then we’re probably measuring the wrong things. So let’s go find what’s red, and let’s get to work on that.

[00:00:15.710] – Speaker 1

A culture of collaboration and respect between our administrative team, our physicians, and our caregivers–our employees. Because it takes a team to achieve and maintain these results year after year after year.

[00:00:30.420] – Speaker 2

And so I would say invest in creating a transparent, respectful, patient-centered organization, and the quality follows.

[00:00:44.150] – Speaker 3

The key to a lot of this, I think, is leadership presence, but it’s also about transparency and accountability.

[00:00:54.290] – Speaker 2

A culture that values every voice and every person is important, and that it’s professional and collegial, and that the aim is always, always, always to do what’s right for our patients and their families. That’s really what drives it.

[00:01:13.690] – Speaker 3

Nick Saban, he said: “Everybody play with discipline and do your job.” And there’s so much in that. It’s awareness, it’s focus, it’s intention, it’s the five high reliability principles. Just play with discipline and do your job.

[00:01:31.850] – Speaker 4

It really starts at the board level, and this board at NCH has made it abundantly clear to me and to our team that patient care and excellence are the keys.

[00:01:43.860] – Speaker 5

The mission, again, being quality, patient safety, service excellence. Easy to remember–they’re all connected, they’re all important, and they are actually the rock on which the hospital stands. It’s a beautiful, strong culture here.