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Women Are Driving Healthcare: How Recent Trends are Changing Healthcare Delivery for Women

Women are the nation’s top healthcare consumer: they account for over half of all inpatient visits and are the primary decision-makers when it comes to their family’s healthcare. Women also represent 70% of healthgrades.com unique monthly visitors looking to find the right care.

In conjunction with its 2019 Women’s Care Specialty Excellence Awards release, Healthgrades researched three current trends affecting women’s care:

  1. Women are having children later in life
  2. Women are experiencing increasingly complex pregnancies
  3. Women are living longer and requiring increased health management

To build long-term relationships with this highly-engaged demographic, hospitals must adapt to the changing landscape and effectively differentiate their women’s care programs. Read this special report to discover strategies to meet the evolving needs of women’s care and provide the best care experience.

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