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Best Practices for Curating Provider Profiles

It goes without saying that the internet is crowded with infinite choices and resources for consumers who like to shop around. Doctor directories are no exception.

As a provider, managing your online brand means navigating through a jungle of commercial directories, online yellow pages, and health network websites, each with its own database of physician profiles, ratings, and reviews. While it may be tempting to just post your name, specialty, and phone number in each one, converting site visits into booked appointments requires that you carefully curate all aspects of your personal brand.

Our 2018 survey of 1,334 healthgrades.com users revealed that one-third of consumers actively search for information about new doctors and specialists. That’s in addition to the 8% who evaluate recommended doctors and specialists to make sure they’re a good fit. Your online profile can thus be a powerful sales funnel when you take the time to provide the information consumers are searching for.

But what exactly is it that healthcare consumers are searching for?

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