Case Study

Large Pharmaceutical Brand Doubles Reach to Qualified Patients with Healthgrades

When potential clients reach out to the Healthgrades team to learn about our pharmaceutical advertising solutions, we often hear a variation on the same sentiment—“I need to do more with less, and I’m feeling the pressure.” Pharma marketers must maximize the impact of their outreach, which makes driving efficient scale crucial. 

You need scale within a qualified audience to achieve enough volume such that you can see the measurable impact of your media dollars—new-to-brand conversions. This is especially critical in competitive markets and specialized conditions. Find out how Healthgrades helped deliver efficient cost per diagnosed patient at scale for a large pharmaceutical client and how we can do the same for your brand.

Case Study: Healthgrades Outperforms Median Publisher Performance 

Our client had three main goals for this campaign, spanning several brands and indications:

  1. Drive qualified patients to their PatientConnect Hub, a library of condition-specific resources 
  2. Encourage qualified patients to learn more about getting a prescription for their condition and connect with the right doctor
  3. Improve upon cost per qualified audience (CPQA) year-over-year and outperform median publisher performance 

Nine tactics were measured across six campaigns targeting many conditions, including those with narrow patient populations in crowded markets like psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and atopic dermatitis. Campaigns included a mix of advertising approaches, such as standalone display ads, display ads and PatientConnect Hubs, and PatientConnect Hubs only.

To gauge the overall success of the campaign, Healthgrades collaborated with the client and an industry-accepted third-party measurement partner to measure diagnosed patient reach and conversions. This analysis measured whether the prospects engaging with the campaigns were diagnosed with the condition and indicated whether they received a new brand prescription. Cost per qualified audience was the primary KPI.

Through April 2022, Healthgrades was the #1 performer in CPQA for eight of the nine measured tactics, including five of six featuring PatientConnect Hubs. Healthgrades campaigns:

  • Delivered an average CPQA that was 47% below median performers
  • Were below median CPQA for every tactic measured
  • Were more efficient than competitor benchmarks for seven out of nine tactics measured

But that’s not all. Healthgrades campaigns reached almost 238,000 diagnosed patients—nearly 2.4x the projected reach based on competitive benchmarks.

Healthgrades helped our client drive efficient scale while maximizing the impact of their pharma marketing budget. 

Increase Conversions and Maximize Your Ad Spend with Healthgrades

As America’s #1 platform for connecting patients with doctors, Healthgrades offers unmatched visibility and quality engagement with the patients who matter most to your brand. 67% of visitors who search for a specialist on Healthgrades will make an appointment within a week, and we can help you reach a qualified audience. PatientConnectHubs keep your brand top of mind as patients explore treatment options, and our Guided Physician Search tool helps patients find specialists directly from your

Engage patients when it counts—right before they book their next appointment. Contact us today to learn how partnering with Healthgrades can help your brand outperform expectations and your competitors.

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