Mar 30, 2018



What National Doctors’ Day Means to Healthcare Professionals

By Healthgrades Staff

This March, healthcare professionals shared firsthand accounts of providers they work with as part of the Healthgrades National Doctors’ Day Sweepstakes. Today, eight submissions were randomly selected as sweepstakes winners. These meaningful stories, from across the U.S. and spanning many specialties, underscore the pivotal role physicians play in our communities and highlight the important connections made between providers and their patients.

Saroj Fleming, MD, Harbour Women’s Health, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“In the short time since she joined our practice, Dr. Fleming has continued to build an excellent patient following that is dedicated to her style and approach. She is laid back, very genuine, and remarkably generous with her time for her patients. I have never witnessed a provider who was so patient and approachable with her patients to insure they always felt well taken care of and sincerely heard. Dr. Fleming’s dry sense of humor lends itself well to her bedside manner, and she has proven time and time again that she is exceptionally calm and effective in emergency situations.”

Raul Rodriguez, MD, Delray Center for Healing, Delray Beach, Florida

“Dr. Rodriguez has created a treatment program that is unparalleled. His vision of a well-rounded approach to healing has enabled hundreds of suffering individuals nationwide to find the help they need to achieve wellness. Dr. Rodriguez is always working hard to educate himself, so he provides cutting-edge treatments that show the most promising results. This facility with its high standards and non-judgmental approach results in me being effective as a practitioner. I feel at home here with my coworkers, and the facility is kept clean and welcoming. Overall, Dr. Rodriguez’s standards have created an amazing facility.”

Eric Chenworth, DO, Wasatch Allergy and Asthma, Salt Lake City

“I want to recognize Dr. Eric Chenworth. As an administrator, I get to see, on a daily basis, the care and compassion that Dr. Chenworth has for his patients. One of the things his patients comment on all the time is the non-rushed medical experience they get from him. He spends time with each and every one of his patients. He gets to know his patients, not just through a chart but by talking and spending time with them. I think his personalized, caring and compassionate approach to medicine is what makes him successful at treating patients.”

Paul Lam, MD, Lifeline Medical Associates, Sparta, New Jersey
Frieda Lewis, MD, Lifeline Medical Associates, Parsippany, New Jersey
Andria Pennant, MD, Lifeline Medical Associates, Parsippany, New Jersey

“I have been with this practice for 25 years, starting with Dr. Lam who is now the senior partner. Through the years, he has been remarkable, compassionate and thorough. He has also treated his staff as if they are family. When Dr. Lewis and now Dr. Pennant joined, they continued to treat the practice as a family, and the care they give to their patients is exceptional. Patients love all the doctors. To be here 25 years and not leaving anytime soon says a lot. I could not recommend one doctor or the other, and all three deserve to be recognized.”

Mazen Natour, DMD, Mazen Natour, DMD, PLLC, New York City

“I’ve worked with Dr. Natour for more than five years now. He is unlike any other doctor I have been to or worked with in the past. He is patient, thoughtful and compassionate, and he is always available for his patients, even on a Saturday night. I’ve also seen him do really amazing smile transformations—from patients who lost their teeth in accidents or due to disease, to patients who suffered severe damage due to acid reflux and bulimia. He is amazing. He listens and understands his patients, and without exception he changes their lives for the better.”

Sa Lee, MD, Bellevue Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, Bellevue, Washington

“I have worked in the medical field for more than 12 years as a Medical Assistant, and I have never encountered a more generous and caring person than Dr. Sa Lee. I jokingly refer to him as the ‘Robin Hood’ of surgeons for helping patients despite insurance or financial challenges. He is a masterful plastic surgeon who repairs people’s faces after skin cancer removal (Mohs) and has quite a following of admirers, and it is not just because of his superb skills, but his humbleness and unlimited compassion. “

Jeffrey Weiss, MD, Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey, LLC, Clifton, New Jersey

“I initially met Dr. Jeffrey Weiss when he was training and interned at my practice. He was able to perfect his skill and compassion as a hospitalist and demonstrated dedication and competence well above the usual hospital team. Jeffrey is now working in his private practice at Weiss Medical Group. He is leading by example in that group with outstanding patient care. He is one of very few primary care doctors who continues to follow his patients during their most needed times, specifically when they require hospitalization. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Weiss to all my patients.”

Arthur Tsai, MD, Kidney Care Specialists, Kettering, Ohio

“The way Dr. Tsai treats his patients touches my heart. A nursing home patient came to the office several months ago on a stretcher. After the appointment, Dr. Tsai sat in the room and held her hand. They talked about her and her family baking cookies and visiting her in the home. Nephrology is a tough specialty, but he finds a way to make rounds at local hospitals, dialysis centers and nursing homes each morning and then comes to the office for clinic in the afternoon. He’s sacrificed so much with his family due to his dedication to his profession.”

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories. The physicians above can be found on, along with 1.1 million others from across the U.S.

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