Oct 11, 2023


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Healthgrades Brand.com GPS: The On-Site Physician Search Tool That Elevates Your Brand Site

Doctor search tools are essential in connecting patients with healthcare professionals. A Healthgrades-commissioned study shows that patients are much more likely to fill a prescription from a brand after conducting a physician search on that brand’s site. However, not all physician search tools are the same—choosing the right tool for your brand.com is vital to driving more prescriptions and getting the most return from your marketing spend.

That’s where Healthgrades’ Brand.com Guided Physician Search (GPS) tool can help. By providing low-funnel patients with a clear path to finding a physician as they browse your brand’s website, you can empower them to seek the healthcare they need and drive prescriptions simultaneously. 

Our tool provides information about each doctor’s rating, treatment experience, the languages they speak, and online appointment scheduling access. And with over 10 million verified patient reviews, our site highlights details consumers care about, such as bedside manner, average wait times, and staff friendliness. Healthgrades’ Brand.com GPS tool is fully customizable and seamlessly integrates with your brand’s website, providing a smooth runway to connect patients with the care they deserve.

Pharmaceutical brands that used our physician search tool within their native websites saw consumers who were:

  • 2x more likely to have the brand’s condition
  • 3x as likely to visit a physician after using the Guided Physician Search on a brand.com
  • 6x more likely to fill a prescription with the brand after conducting a physician search on that brand’s site

Maximize the impact of your pharma brand’s website, close the loop on patient-physician-pharma connections, and drive up to 6x more prescriptions with the Healthgrades Brand.com GPS.