A Black doctor who is masculine in appearance is wearing white coat and holding a clipboard in one hand, with his other hand on the back of an senior patient, who appears feminine. Both doctor and patient are smiling at each other. To the left of the photo is a 2023 Healthgrades Patient Experience badge set against a patterned blue gradient.

Congratulations! Your hospital is a national leader in patient experience

On March 14, Healthgrades will recognize your hospital as a 2023 Outstanding Patient Experience Award™ recipient. This award is a testament to the exceptional care your staff provides and puts your organization in the top 15% of hospitals nationwide for overall patient experience.

Ensuring that patients and their families have the best possible experience during a hospital stay is key to building meaningful doctor-patient relationships and attracting new patients. The majority (61%) of satisfied patients seek care from the same doctor or hospital as a result of their positive experience, and nearly half will share the news with another person.

Every member of your care teams played a critical role in meeting and exceeding patient expectations, and showcasing these collective efforts has never been more important. Partner with Healthgrades to differentiate your brand and attract the increasingly quality-conscious consumer.

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