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Promote your award-winning care to grow your care teams and stand out as your community's preferred hospital for specialty care.

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Our America’s Best Hospital Awards and State Rankings give you an opportunity to showcase your outstanding service lines year-round, helping you:

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Grow market share

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Celebrate your care teams

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Attract top talent

When you partner with Healthgrades, you:

Differentiate your quality of care from others in your market.

Motivate qualified health professionals to apply to join a renowned care team.

Remind your care teams of what drew them to healthcare in the first place: helping people live better lives.

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A senior white doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to a Black patient's heart.

Here’s how to start leveraging your quality achievements:


License your achievements to showcase your award-winning service lines.


Kick off a self-sustaining quality campaign based on what matters most: patient outcomes.


Cement your reputation as the hospital of choice for patients and healthcare workers in your community.

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