Chris Swartz

Senior Product Manager at Healthgrades

As a Senior Product Manager at Healthgrades, Chris is dedicated to improving the healthcare system by making it easier for patients to access the data that matters most to them. Whether optimizing the search algorithm or prioritizing features that help advance health equity, Chris relies on his experience and enthusiasm for health care to develop solutions to advance Healthgrades’ strategy.

Prior to joining Healthgrades, Chris worked with payers to improve provider data quality and in the EHR-space, working directly with clinical office staff to build solutions that improve patient experience directly at the point of care. Chris led efforts to enact federal requirements and prepare clients to adopt ONC Certified EHR technology. He also participated in standards development and built consensus among insurance industry workgroups regarding provider data quality auditing.

He can’t can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to strive for a truly interoperable healthcare system where the patient is at the center of all we do.