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Hospitals have greater access to clinical datasets than ever before, but busy care teams often lack the sources needed to leverage their data to drive continuous quality improvement and maintain a high standard of care.

Through a comprehensive suite of tools and customizable dashboards, the Quality Insights Platform helps hospitals effortlessly visualize, analyze, and react to complex clinical data.


Platform Features

  • Track and report on key performance metrics
  • Compare performance against national and top-performer benchmarks
  • Identify and react to key drivers of clinical outcomes
  • Sort outcomes by type and specialty
  • Connect to EMR systems for data uploads and refreshes
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Analyze risk-adjusted clinical data by:







Tap into the full benefits of the Quality Insights Platform

Early identification of worsening outcomes

Actionable insights based on clinical data

Streamlined improvement process that engages all stakeholders

Always-on access to a secure, self-service data environment

Cost savings from reduced administrative burden and fewer complications

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Healthgrades offers actionable and valuable clinical data and insights that help increase clinician engagement and change practices for the better.

Scott Stuart, MD, Clinical Medical Director , Evergreen Health

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