Empowering Women’s Health: How Marketers Can Help Patients Overcome Roadblocks to Care

A recent Healthgrades study revealed that most women continue to focus on being household healthcare advocates for their loved ones, but not for themselves. In fact, 55% of women reported postponing or skipping a health screening or annual exam in the past year.1

Why are women delaying critical care? Our panelists cite access, social determinants of health, and economic barriers as the biggest factors preventing women from putting their health first.

Press play to learn how marketing leaders from Virtua Health, University of Maryland Medical System, and Premier Health are helping women overcome common care obstacles.


Featured Panelists

  • Angie Austin – VP, System Marketing & Brand Strategy at University of Maryland Medical System
  • Kisten McQuiller – Marketing Strategy & Account Management, Women’s & Cardiovascular Service Lines at Premier Health
  • Karin Krueger – AVP, Service Line Marketing at Virtua Health


  • Becky Allen – VP, Product Development at Healthgrades

Key Insight #1: Engaging with Women

Learn how these marketing leaders are empowering women to take actionable steps toward their health—especially those who have deferred care.

Key Insight #2: Connecting Consumers with the Right Physicians

Hear Angie, Karin, and Kisten discuss the importance of physician compatibility and why finding a doctor who listens is so important for women in particular.

Key Insight #3: What Are Marketers Proud Of?

Discover what healthcare marketers are most proud of as we emerge from the challenges posed over these past three years.

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1Healthgrades Women’s Health Research, July 2022.